I’m going to be sitting on my arse for 11 days.

30+ films.

Lord of the Fries vegan hot mess burgers in between.

<insert sponsor’s brand> beer before and after.

Coffee to stay awake for the next session.

I’m going need to prepare. I got to get fit. Bulk up – so my body can use it’s reserves.

Some would say, “Eat chicken – a whole bird.” Others, “Burger that included eight beef patties, 16 slices of cheese, 24 slices of bacon and six fried onion rings.

But, yes, I’m a grass-eating, tree-hugging, dirty vegan. Thankfully, I found this: Getting Big & Strong On A Vegan Diet!

So I’m off to have a pea-protein, mango, strawberry and almond milk smoothy.


Image from Are you sitting comfortably in the theatre? – Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd